Maritzburg Prep

498 Alexandra Road, Pietermaritzburg

Maritzburg Preparatory School


Our Story

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This school started in 1989 on One Life Church campus. A group of intrepid church members felt that they needed to start a pre-school to serve the wider community of Pietermaritzburg. One Life Church embraced the idea of formal education on its land and endeavoured to assist.

After 10 years of running a pre-school it was decided by Mrs W Fath (the first principal) to open a primary school. Since the first Grade 1 class of 1999 the school has experienced much positive growth.

Mr B Mouton became the second principal in 2004. With a growing school and adjacent church it was decided to focus mainly on pre-school and junior primary from 2006.

Since 2006 the focus of this school was to grow qualitatively and partner with neighbouring schools. Over the years the school added classrooms, sports fields and a swimming pool to its facilities.

In June 2014 the school changed its name and badge, becoming Maritzburg Preparatory School.

The school focuses on a qualitative approach to its foundation phase, and aims to be known for its love for children and its dedication as a team (staff, learners and parents) to giving the best all-round early education.