• Please note that fees will be charged over 11 months starting 1 January 2021. This will be reflected in monthly statements.
  • 1st payment 1 January 2021 and last payment 1 November 2021.


                                                Per Annum                                         11 months


Grade RR                                             R25 850pa                                           R2350pm

Grade R                                               R27 940pa                                           R2540pm

Junior Primary

Grade 1                                               R33 660pa                                           R3060pm

Grade 2                                              R33 660pa                                           R3060pm

Grade 3                                              R33 660pa                                           R3060pm

Contact the bursar for Early Settlement Discounts.

Please ensure that your fees are paid monthly and kept up to date. 1 January to 1 November 2021. Fees are to be paid in the following manner: Monthly Debit Order (recommended as this will assist us with our monthly budget requirements), EFT, Direct deposit or at the School Office.

Fees are to be paid in advance of each month 1 January to 1 November.

Fees exclude: Insurance (once off R220 fee per annum), ISASA (Independent Schools Association of South Africa once off R190 fee per annum), Hot dogs/splashes, Outings and any extra lessons.


Payable over 10 months (February – November)                                R600 per month

Casual daily rate                                                                                   R60 per day

Stationery for 2021

Stationery fees must be paid no later than 1st December 2020.Orders for stationery are placed early and we are obliged to pay on a certain date.

Grade RR / RRR    –           R900                             (Use your child’s initials and surname as a

Grade R                –           R1050                           reference for transfers)

Grade 1, 2, 3         –           R1300

The above amounts include classroom equipment, general stationery, all books, paper, paints and all replacement equipment (it includes everything your child may need during the course of the academic year).

We have found that the children respond very well to their academic responsibilities if they all have the same quality of equipment. The school and children also benefit from bulk supply prices.

Account Details: Maritzburg Preparatory School
Nedbank: 1340 357 887
Branch: 134025

Please print your child’s full name or account code on all deposits made

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